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Simplifying Technology

Arts and Crafts Retailer

Company Overview

Industry: Retail

Company: Industry leading retailer offering thousands of arts, crafts, home decor, holiday and seasonal products across the nation in 600+ store locations.

Number of Locations: 600+

Client Time Frame

Service: June, 2015 - Present

Projects: September, 2015 - Present

Technology:  Intrusion Alarm, Fire Alarm

Work Type:  New-Store, Maintenance, Move Add Change

Business Challenge

  • Maintain, repair and install intrusion alarm and fire alarm systems in new and developed stores

  • New store full intrusion alarm and fire alarm system installs

  • Sole integrator to obtain, schedule and     perform (4) hour emergency service tickets

  • Allocated time to assess SOW, resources and tools

Solution /Results

  • Rapid response times: Large, regional resource pool to schedule and perform (4) hour emergency tickets nationally

  • Full perimeter, motion and zone coverage throughout the store

  • Quality assurance measures/management: Provide Nicet 2 certified technicians nationally

Project Management

  • Design engineers and certified installers ensure compliance with local, state and federal fire codes, standards and AHJ requirements

  • Maintain system functionality through scheduled and preventative maintenance; annual inspections, assessments and tests

  • Our leading field service and project management software, Advanced Real-time Console, ARC, provides our clients:

  • 24/7 project management: real-time ticketing status, timely deliverables, prompt billing and invoicing

  • Real-time email notifications: request received, technician scheduled, technician on-site, technician is off-site, closure report

  • Assess, manage, schedule and submit project, service tickets 24/7/365

  • Scheduling and notes

  • Custom reports and business intelligence

  • Technician quality control: rate APS technical support staff and technicians, tech approval notifications and tools list

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