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Food Safety, Security and Technology

APS supports a full combination of technology for ALL food markets, such as restaurants, quick-service restaurants, supermarkets and grocery chains. The food industry falls under a number of markets based upon menu style, pricing and preparation methods.


Technology has put a big imprint on the food industry, changing the way businesses interact with their customers. Technology is constantly changing restaurants inside and out.


We have winning IT and LP technology for EVERY food industry. Whether it be a restaurant table-side kiosk that serves as a mobile device/payment method to order, pay and play games, a supermarket camera system to prevent the loss of new merchandise/inventory or a supermarket point of sale (POS) system to protect money when dealing with a large amount of transactions, it is important to support ALL food avenues.


With the high demand for technology, restaurants are more willing to invest in new technology. Count on APS to support all of your technology advancements ranging from loss prevention measures, mobile devices, payment methods and much more to take full control of your customer’s experience.

Client Case Studies

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