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circuit breaker panel repair
Process of Mobile Repair
Battery Recharger Repair
Electrical engineer working on circuit board


APS supports a vast array of lifecycle services and solutions such as, Project Management, Deployment and Maintenance, Design and Engineering, ProcurementStaging and Configuration, Depot and Repair and Fire/Alarm Monitoring.


Whether you seek to deploy one site or 10,000 sites, we make the process easy for you through our software management tool, ARC. The APS software development team generated ARC to enter and manage every step of your deployment, from initial design to dispatch and install, support and maintenance all the way through decommission and recycle.

In addition to our lifecycle services and solutions and ARC software, find out why more national retailers and Fortune 500 businesses are choosing APS. Check out more of our value-added services here >.


Service (break/fix) or Projects (new stores, rollouts, remodels), we excel at all.


Trust APS to provide the necessary resources, management and technology to transform a full combo of IT and LP products. We want you to be assured that when you hand off a project from simple to complex, APS can perform at a low cost, on time and on budget.


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