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Staging and Configuration

Staging and Configuration of Old and New Site Equipment

Our comprehensive staging and configuration operations reside in our state-of-the-art logistics center in Madison, WI.


Our expert logistics team performs large-scale staging, configuration and testing of refurbished and new equipment prior to installation to reduce labor costs and hours, and regulate out-of-box failures to minimize on site disruption errors and maximize deployment success.


Our logistics team follows strict PCI compliance standards and utilizes our custom, web-based inventory portal, ARC, to record and manage logical and physical inventory.


Advanced Real-time Console (ARC) provides APS customers:

  • 24/7/365 Real Time Accessibility  

  • Complete Accountability

  • Control, measure and capture full transparency of your equipment’s operating status within our facility, throughout the shipping process and on site arrival time and location  

  • Track and Access Reports

  • Configure Report Generation

  • Service History by Location

  • Audit Control and Procedure

  • Equipment Service Manual Database

Our staging and configuration services include:

  • Configuration Design and Documentation

  • Staging and Configuration

  • Depot Maintenance

  • Asset Tagging and Tracking

  • Equipment Acquisition

  • Multi-Vendor Integration

  • Warranty Management

  • Integration and Assembly

  • Inventory Management

  • Custom Labeling

  • Testing, Documenting and Processing Return of Defective Equipment (RMAs)

  • Test and Validate Configurations

  • Advanced Replacement

  • Ticketing System

  • Custom System Setups

  • Pick, Pack, Label, Pallet and Ship

  • Secure Stocking and Storage Location


The APS logistics team creates custom kits per job site, ensuring APS techs receive all of the necessary equipment at one time.


A workflow upheld through labor and cost control and inventory control measures to ensure each product is staged, packaged and shipped in a dependable, controlled process.


Count on APS to counterbalance all of the factors that must be accounted for to supply refurbished and new products to our customers.

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