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Simplifying Technology

Department Store Chain

Company Overview

Industry: Retail

Company: An American chain of department stores with 1,500+ store locations throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Number of Locations: 1,500+

Client Time Frame:

Service: June, 2012 - Present

Projects: June, 2012 - Present

Technology: Structured Cabling, CCTV, Data Networks

Work Type: Move Add Change, Maintenance, Store Closing

Business Challenge

  • Maintain, repair and install CCTV, DVR and data systems

  • Maintain, repair and install  head-end equipment

  • Remove existing CCTV, DVR and data equipment from closed stores

  • Stage, warehouse, configure, test, procure CCTV and data equipment shipped from closed stores

  • Depot and repair loss prevention equipment

  • Decommission and recycle used loss prevention equipment

Project Management

  • Provide customer monthly reports of loss prevention equipment inventory

  • Define, create and provide an expansive SOW, documents and prints for e very project, service ticket

  • Engineering team: CAD drawings, line drawings, prints

  • Access to BICSI certified RCDDs 24/7/365

  • Our leading field service & Advanced Real-Time Console (ARC), provides our client:


  • Stage, warehouse, configure, test, procure CCTV and data equipment delivered from closed stores to ensure warehouse stock, inventory is in working condition for necessary service needs

  • 24/7 project management: real-time ticketing status, timely deliverables, prompt billing and invoicing

  • Real-time email notifications: request received, technician scheduled, technician on-site, technician is off-site, closure report

  • Assess, manage, schedule and submit project, service tickets 24/7/365

  • Scheduling and notes

  • Custom reports and business intelligence

  • Technician quality control: rate APS technical support staff and technicians, tech approval notifications and tools list

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