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Simplifying Technology

Retail Department Store

Company Overview

Industry: Retail

Company: Second largest American department store retail chain in the United States with 1,100+ stores.

Number of Locations: 1,100+ Stores

Client Time Frame

Service: October, 2012 - Present

Projects: April, 2013 - Present

Technology: Structured Cabling, CCTV, Data Networks

Work Types: New Stores, Remodels, Rollouts, Maintenance, Move Add Change, Decommission

Business Challenge

  • Maintain, repair and install existing full analog/IP hybrid systems

  • Remove existing analog systems and upgrade CCTV systems to the latest IP technology and NVR equipment

  • Upgrade head-end equipment

  • New Store full IP system installations

  • Decommission store CCTV equipment

  • Install mini public view monitors (PVM) at emergency exits to eliminate push outs

  • First project awarded when an original vendor failed to deliver

Solution /Results

  • APS Technician on site at client corporate headquarters to access the network to troubleshoot any unforeseen issues while techs are on-site

  • APS Project Manager and Project Coordinator on site at client corporate headquarters grants project communication

  • On going success succeeding projects and service

Project Management

  • Genetec training, testing and licensing with client corporate network team

  • Training and licensing for client viewing software

  • Client online platform, Basecamp, used for communication between local LP managers, APS and corporate office

  • APS Project Manager and Coordinators on site at client corporate headquarters

  • Internal, online project management software, Advanced Real-time Console used to:

  • 24/7 project management: real-time ticketing status, timely deliverables, prompt billing and invoicing

  • Real-time email notifications: request received, technician scheduled, technician on-site, technician is off-site, closure report

  • Assess, manage, schedule and submit project, service tickets 24/7/365

  • Scheduling and notes

  • Custom reports and business intelligence

  • Technician quality control: rate APS technical support staff and technicians, tech approval notifications and tools list

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